Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vancouver: The Lookout Tower


A few friends from Istanbul came to town last week and really wanted to see Vancouver from the top of "Vancouver's Lookout Tower", which is a really lame name compared to Seattle's "Space Needle".  Considering Neil Armstrong cut the ribbon and opened the Lookout way back in 1977, it should have a name like the "Astro Tower" or "Sky Point". 

Regardless, I was grateful for an excuse to do something touristy. Here are a few pictures of the city at sunset from way up there. 

Towards Stanley Park - Leaving the exit sign
 was intentional. Really!

Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre, 
notice the lights of the ski hill on the mountains in back.

BC Place or Staples Centre, as it's now called. 
The Canucks are playing there
 for the Stanley Cup playoffs as I write this!


  1. Nice pics! I like the flash of red from the exit sign. Apparently I've never been in that building. Where is it?

  2. It's the harbour Centre. We thought it was a revolving restaurant. Apparently not!