Sunday, April 18, 2010

Graduation Day! At Last!

Friday morning, we donned our uniforms as a a group for the last time and headed to a nearby church for a few formalities, some food and a lot of pictures.

The man who did us proud in more ways than one. 
KK, our valedictorian and top student, delivered 
the speech we knew only he could. 
He made us laugh and (one of us) cry, as he summed up our 
last 4 months with grace, humor and insight. 
Three students I loved working with! 
The banquet we prepared the day before.
Including Carla's Special Banquet Rice!
Hunter poses with some of the "little ones".
My partner for the last three weeks, the "yang" to my "yin"! 
The best partner one could hope for!
And our Chefs who made it all possible.
What a team! More on them later...

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  1. My comment didn't post last night. Anyway, you must be in need of a long rest, but I'm sorry to see this adventure end. Congratulations!