Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 70: The Big Night

The final night set up.
I usually include a lot of pictures of food in this blog, but tonight, food takes a back seat. This blog is about the people who make it happen - my classmates.

3 out of 5 of our stove members 
with our mentor, Chef Warren just before final service.

Amy wrote "success" and "victory" on each member 
of our stove for good luck!
Pre-service confidence!
Last minute chiffonade!
The Guest Judges arrive and watch our every move....
....while banquet prepares the graduation dishes!
Service begins! My team in action.... focused, they never even noticed I took these pictures.
Chef C mans the pass with his terminator vision 
and trusty thermometer, nothing substandard gets past him, 
especially split beurre blanc!

Relief!! It's all over but the dishes.
Big shots finish the night back at Barneys...
...with tequila. Of course. Thanks KK!

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