Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 68: Final Practical Exam

Well it's 6am, and there's no way I can sleep. Today is day 1 of the final practical exam. We have a lot of work to do this morning and service this afternoon. At this point grades and values are the least of our worries. We just want to make it through successfully.

Our Chefs feel pretty confident that we'll be fine, but here's a nervous energy throughout the class. I guess like with any new job, it'll be a sink or swim scenario. And we have no choice but to swim.

Some of our customers today will be industry chefs, who will critique our food. And on the final night on Wednesday, a group of Chefs will actually grade us, and their opinion will account for 20% of our mark. But all of that will be unimportant if we can't deliver the dishes.


  1. Good luck girl. Not that you'll need it. btw I just took delivery of 2.5 Kilos of Morels!!!!

    Jonny x x

  2. Your'e in a meeting with your group across the table as I type this. You guys will be fine! Serious food geeks the lot of you! Quail and squash have never been finer. ; )

  3. I think we all rocked today! It went a lot smoother than I expected! Of course there were a few hiccups, but that was to be expected. I am definitely impressed with the group of us.

  4. It's the night before our final service and I'm sending you messages of solidarity. We can do it! We're gonna rock tomorrow night, and then it'll all be done. (Can you believe it?!) With strength, dear Rene.

    Bon courage,

  5. Thanks KK! Inspirational words from our inspirational speaker! ;-)