Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 64: Provoking Post

We started our day with a really easy plate of canapes. We knew we would do this today, so my partner and I saved all our scraps from the day before and put these together in no time. In most home kitchens this stuff would hit the garbage can as excess waste - in 5 star establishments these get turned into canapes or the trendy amuse bouche. 

Leftover Tuile, and sauces!
My partner had a gratin dauphinois on his menu, (fancy-talk for scalloped potatoes) with a great big twist. He wanted to make his out of potato, squash, pear and (of course) beets! I put these together and we fell in love with them -  they not only look cool, but they actually taste excellent as well!

I liked showing the little flower of the pear seeds, 
but the Chef nixed it - someone may feel the flower 
on one's tongue while dining.

Our chicken dish. 
Today was an all around really successful day, probably one of the most successful I've had yet! The energy of the class is good, everyone is excited about everyone else's dishes and the critiques are good. At the end of class, as the Chefs were doing their wrap-up I felt happy that I was put with a partner I can communicate well with - and one who is daring enough to produce this......

Turds and curds?

Honestly, I can't look at his without laughing! Was it delicious? Absolutely! Orange and pear churros on a blackberry creme patisierre. Our presentation needs work, but we provoked a reaction from everyone who saw it! After the critique we made more, playing with shapes and plating and our classmates happily took care of the extras - so they can't be that bad! ....Right? ;-)

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