Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 63: Recipe Redux

My partner has a fondness for beets.. purple pot pie!

So those black box recipes didn't go away! Today we teamed up with our partner and took a look at each other's creations and then made them again making changes according to the Chef's critiques.

Once that was done, we sat down and critically looked at our dishes again making further changes, improvements and tweeks. This is going to be a two day affair.

Purple Pot Pie with green chickpea gravy and a warm salad.

One of the cool things about this exercise is that your partner has input on your work, which means another personality touches your dish - this is really excellent. My partner loves to play with his food and his mind works in ways my mind doesn't when it comes to cooking. He helped me turn my old dish into this. (No picture of the old dish - sorry!)

Quinoa trout  with haricot vert and 
roasted red pepper salad and a red pepper hollandaise.
(Forgive the crappy picture quality!)

Day one down, tomorrow we take on Cornish game hen and dessert!

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