Monday, March 1, 2010

Golden Games!

We did it! Every hope and dream of every Canadian came true on Sunday afternoon! We won the gold medal that everyone wanted more than any other, proving again that hockey is Canada's sport!

Knowing that downtown was going to be crazy, a lot of my friends opted to stay home, but I love crowds and hopped the first bus downtown to join the revelers. 

The party started on the Skytrain, when the excited passengers spontaneously broke into the national anthem and sang it all the way downtown. 

Exiting the station at Granville, the escalators were a constant stream of beaming faces high-five-ing each other on the way up and down. 
"We did it!" 
"Gold baby! GOLD!"

A group of hockey fans with drums and horns led a mini parade all the way out onto Granville. Tonight was a night to let go and make some noise!

Robson and Granville was awash in red and white! The red hockey jersey was a must and a Canadian flag hanging off of hockey stick was the accessory du jour.  The celebration ran several blocks in every direction. Music! Dancing! Singing! Street hockey! Molson Canadian! 

Meanwhile, police were out in full force, many of them armed with cameras, and high-five-in' the revelers! (For a completely different and party pooper outlook check out this article from Time Magazine.)

This guy was in high demand for pics. 

The whole family out to celebrate!
 I'm loving Vancouver's multi-ethnic profile.

Feeling the Olympic Love. 
(Is that Scott Thirlwell about to kiss that girl?)
Sidney Crosby for Prime minister!

He's not inflatable and he's missing a foot, 
but this beaver has Olympic swagger, and a beer!
More PDA's!

They'll be feeling it tomorrow!

All in all, the downtown core was one big happy family. I was hugged by many and was  kissed on the cheeks by strangers. Police were dumping out cans of beer which appeared to belong to minors, but nothing took place except good fun in my vicinity.

Getting back on the Skytrain I met a Russian reporter wrapping up his coverage of the Olympics and clutching his parting Olympic gift box. "What I really hope is that we can follow Vancouver and unite our country like Canadians have managed to do during these games". 

I hope so too! We'll all be watching Sochi!


  1. Great account. I like the Russians commment especially after their President called for mass resignations from their OC.

  2. I wish I could have been with you! Instead I sat on the couch and watched the closing ceremonies with Dad. I drank a beer! Woot woot! But unlike most Canadians, I wasn't 'owning the porcelain' in the morning.

  3. And one for thing, After living in the Middle East for so long... LONG LIVE PDAs! When I see one, it makes me happy to be in a free country. ; )