Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 57: Celebration Cakes!

I haven't written about them, but there are actually 2 classes in our school. The other classroom is occupied by the pastry class. They're also nearing the end of their term and as a final project, they have to create a celebration cake. Here's what they were working on today. 

These white poppies will decorate the cake above.

Yes, that is a "tetris" cake in the middle.

Japanese blossoms, notice the shinto shrine on top!

This is the top...

...and the base. It should be quite dramatic once it's together.

I've decided at this time not to continue onto the pastry portion of the course. I'm a little sad because I know the group that is going on has some really talented people and I'd love to study with them, but at the moment it's just not right for me. (Although I may pick it up sometime in the future. Never say never!)

Meanwhile back in Culinary....

Foie Gras
The Chefs spent the big bucks on us today - foie gras, black truffles and tournedo ! 

We won't have to eat for 3 days now.

Tournedo Rossini

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  1. I'm kind of sad to see you aren't going into pastry though I understand your reasons why. I just think this is where you would truly shine!