Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 50: Don't Worry, Chicken Curry!

"In the Punjab, there are  three things men can do;
they can become farmers, they can join the army, or they can leave the country. 
I chose the last option!" 

Chef Gurpreet came in to direct our class today. This was a large undertaking of several dishes in large quantities. We were tackling an Indian buffet!

This was really the first time we worked in huge quantities, I divided the samosa dough in half and wrestled with the huge ball and passed the other half onto a classmate. Across the class huge batches of meat were being browned, a massive pot of rice was steaming and a group was making chai in a stock pot.

Our chef was quite entertaining and in all places at once, as soon as you realized you had a question or needed input - there he was! 

Everyone hard at work!

Battered fish frying 

Chapati making

Samosa stuffing

Samosa frying

Crispy samosas

End product! Great lunch, great guest chef, great...wait a minute! Is that fresh ginger julienne garnishing that dish?? IT IS! 

I rest my case. Good night!

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