Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 54:The Glamorous Life of Future Chefs in Training!

Deboning this little guy was so easy! 
But imagine if you had to do 300!

So you watch the food network. All you need is a catch phrase and a bit of kitchen know-how and you can rise to fame and shmooze with the rich and famous! Maybe get a line of soup with your picture on it! 


In reality, a cook's job is physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. Standing all day long, and doing tedious, repetitive work, usually next to a hot stove. Fish scales stick to everything! Your fingers are all nicked up! You're pulling skin, scales or tentacles off some steaming-hot dead animal! Don't even get me started on the uniform....

The truth is, there is nothing glamorous about this job. Except, (occasionally) the product. 

Preserved Lemons and saffron - as elegant as it gets.
(I'll be making this myself in the near future.)

Picking and skinning chick peas! Good fun!

Icli Kofte! In Turkish, "sensitive meatballs".

Moroccan style Cornish game hen, 
stuffed with nuts and dates. Those are black olives on top.

Luckily, in our school we get to eat what we make. 
(Well, most the time we're lucky - extra incentive to get it right!)

But then it's back to work....
.... somebody's got to wash all those prawn tubs!

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