Monday, March 8, 2010

Brace Yourself for Asia Week!

Another day off! Going to see Leonardo Da Vinci at the VAG.

Tomorrow we start two weeks of cooking that I've been looking forward to since the day I received my acceptance letter - Asia and Middle East weeks!

I've noticed that a lot of people in North America prefer only the sweet and salty flavour profiles. Vancouver is definitely more adventurous than other parts of the country due to it's mixed ethnicity, but the average person doesn't appreciate sour, spicy or bitter very much.

This week will be filled with strange condiments, (fish sauce! kechap manis!), seaweed and whole baked fish.( Yes! my favorite way to have fish! Our food is going to have a face this week!)
A few of my classmates are disgusted by oysters and squid, others avoid any kind of heat, so I think this week will be an adventure in pushing our palates and exposing our taste buds to those other flavours they've been missing.

And even though I have already had almost all the food we'll be cooking before, this time I'll actually be preparing it. The one that has me most fired up are stuffed pork sticky buns!

And because I have no picture of food yet, and I hate posts without visuals, I leave you with my sister's latest painting from the Okanagan, The Ice Wine Harvest! Bravo Mel!

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  1. Bravo indeed! It seems (am I right?) that it took going away to see Naramata's unique features in a new light. And *pow*, does she bring them to life. I absolutely love these paintings and the stories that go with them.