Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 35: Halfway Point

Two of the 4 lists of food. 
We will be assigned a list minutes before we begin to cook.

This week marks the halfway point of our course. Gosh! We have come a long way in 8 weeks!

Today we did a practice run. With my group we ran through several dishes and products that we will be expected to produce on the midterm practical exam. Our group of four pushed hard, helped each other a lot and finished on time. Which is a miracle. Really. Out of the 7 stations only 3 finished on time. 

I'm still scratching my head over how I made such a kick-ass hollandaise, I got 9/10 on it. It's my second time to make the stuff. Can I do it again on Wednesday? 

I like my stove this week, I'm with 3 boys, one from England, one from Russia and the other from Mexico. We have to listen hard to understand each other, but I feel at home with them!

Sadly, our group won't spend too much time together though - tomorrow is a 3-hour written exam followed by the practical on Wednesday. (I go in the afternoon and get 2 hours at the station on my own to complete the list of dishes.) Thursday is the day we'll try to make up marks by re-doing whatever we screwed up on Wednesday.

So off to study pig and cow anatomy,  methodology and food costing. Right about now I'm wishing I could remember more from my biology, chemistry and math classes!

The other two lists. Wish me luck!
I am hoping to get the trout or the consommé. Fingers crossed!


  1. consomme! consomme! That way you don't have to deal with cutting open little bodies. : )

  2. Best of luck, René, but knowing you, you won't need luck.
    Love MOM

  3. Break a leg!


  4. Finger crossed for your mid-terms! :-)
    Susanna, Istanbul