Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 25: Pimped Out Pork & Poultry

Grissini - Italian breadsticks. Totally yummy.

Welcome to Day 25! The day all the products we've
put together this week come back to haunt us.
We started off the day making Grissini, 
Italian breadsticks with rosemary & parmesan. (Recipe later!)

We carefully unwrapped our hunks of meat 
and sliced them with precision. 
Then we glazed them and designed a 
platter and placed them just so. 
These big round lovelies came from the 
cornish game hen picture I posted yesterday!

This is the salmon Roulliade that was poached in plastic wrap. 

A very classy platter put together by a classmate. 
I like this simple design.

....and another. That's liver paté in the endive. 

We assembled our platers and displayed them buffet style, 
then we invited the pastry students to share with us! 
(I wasn't the only one taking pictures!)
Week in Review...

This wasn't an easy week for me. It was pretty demanding in terms of getting huge amounts of work done. You'll recall on Monday morning we were cutting the feet off of our pork, and by Friday the same pork meat was pimped out on silver platters. Lots of organisation and focus was called for. 

I wasn't in a great mood towards the end of the week. The late night with the foodies made me tired and grumpy on Thursday, and by today I was absolutely ready for the weekend. My stove-mates put up with me though, and together we finished the week on a good note.  

Normally next week we'd be moving into grains and vegetables - something the whole class is desperately looking forward to - but because of the Olympics starting on the 15th, the Chefs have decided to switch the next two weeks and we'll be doing seafood this week. (We get everything delivered fresh early in the morning, and we were told that delivery will be pretty unreliable during the Big O.)

So last Monday we butchered half a pig. Next Monday, we'll do in lobsters. 

Until then... the forecast calls for sunny skies this weekend! See you Monday! 


  1. Meat meat meat! I want some nice new veggie recipes! Lol! The platters look fantastic! ; )

  2. Would it help if I told you were doing Tuna Carpaccio with a wasabi-lime vinaigrette this week?

    I eat nothing but salad at home. So much for practicing my skilsl!

  3. That was from MOM , by the way....alias "anonymous".

  4. Woo hoo! You came out of lurking! (^_^)y