Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 22: Busy Beavers

Today we produced, a zillion pork  sausages,

13 de-boned and dismembered ducks,

three chewy pretzels,

two fluffy souffles,

and a massive stuffed pork chop!

The olympics are coming. All of Vancouver is busily preparing for the games that start in less than two weeks. Stages are being erected left, right, and center, tent cities are springing up overnight, and buses are being re-routed all over Vancouver to keep traffic flowing around the venues. 

UBC will close, but our school will remain open throughout the games with the exception of the opening day. (Because there are no statutory holidays in our term, we have to take two days off to make it equal to other terms.) The Chefs chose Monday, Feb 15th as our first day as they thought it might be a crazy traffic day. 

At the same time they're sending us out to do observations at local hotels and restaurants early. I'll find out where I'm going this week. Usually, we wouldn't start to do observations until later, but the restaurants need extra hands due to the Olympics and the Chefs feel we can handle it. In fact, there has been talk about how we are already an exceptional class. 

The Chefs knew something was up  the first day when the whole class was sitting in the observation area at 8:20 waiting for class to begin at 8:30. Twenty-two classes later there is yet to be a student late for class. We hold a perfect record. We've even started early - twice!

And tomorrow I'll be home late. I've volunteered to stay to help coach the "Serious Foodies". class.  It's a weekly evening class of mostly ladies come to casually learn a few dishes and drink a bit of wine. I'll help them with their knife skills, give pointers on how to control heat and answer any questions. 

I guess it's going to be a little bit like teaching....


  1. Help them with their knife skills! Hide your finger! I bet you will also help them drink a bit of wine while your at it?! Ahhh, your sausages made me think of a dear friend in Ankara....

  2. Ha! I liked the transition from mayhem and carnage to fluffy little souffles. You're my eyes and ears in Vancouver - keep us posted on events over the next while.

  3. Mel: I've already thought about the boost of confidence they're going to feel when they see my nasty bandage!
    Kate: Will do!

  4. When you are done with your bloody bandage and it's covered in greasy pork parts, pack it up and send it to Marvin! Ewwww!