Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 33: Thanks Jonny!

From the back, this is what happens 
when you finely julienne and deep-fry leeks,
 beets, carrots and red pepper.

Today in class we continued our vegetarian week. At the end of a lecture we were about to go and make three separate dishes when the chef asked if there were any questions.

I raised my hand.

"Chef, I'm looking over the recipe for tapenade here and from what I've learned if you don't add brandy to your tapenade then you're just making an olive paste."

You see, my friend Jonny is a stickler for proper techniques and ingredients, and nothing makes him more irate than when recipes are compromised and passed off as the real thing, (well.... except maybe Beerport). Tapenade is one of those recipes.

The Chef smiled and shook his finger at me. "Watch this one! She's gonna make us bring out the expensive stuff! Where's the brandy?! I know we don't have the traditional Marc brandy, but there's gotta be something!"

The booze cabinet was searched and  a few minutes later a dribble of brandy was added to every batch of tapenade, transforming it from "olive paste" to proper  tapenade.

Thank-you Jonny!

Squash Gnocci  with Stuffed Tomato

Aranchini and Zucchini Linguini!
(Was this named by the slap-chop guy??)

Sometimes the Chefs give us ingredients 
and ask us to "play" within a limited time period. 
This dish had to incorporate squash, spinach and a grain. 

So this is an orange and nutmeg flavoured squash,
 quinoa and spinach tienne. Sounds strange, but tasted Ok! 


  1. What would happen if you brought a slap-chop to your slicing and dicing test?! Lol.

  2. Squash! You're talking my language. This looks really interesting. I'd love to know how you made the last one. What is Aranchini?

  3. The last one was made so on the fly, there was no rhyme, reason or recipe!

    Aranchini is delicious! Take your left over risotto and mix it 3 parts risotto, I part melty cheese and 1 part béchamel, Form it into balls, flour, egg then bread crumbs and deep fry. Not low-cal, but really yummy!

  4. There's a slap-chop in the thrift store on the corner, maybe I'll take it to my next Shangri-la observation! (^_^)

  5. Dare ya! And when they tell you you are doing something wrong just say, Slap this, buddy!" slap slap slap. "Linguini bikini you don't want a boring life, do you?"