Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 24: Setting the Stage?

Charcuterie is a French culinary art that our Chefs are clearly enamored with. They've been gushing over their patés and sausages with barely contained enthusiasm all week. Oh yes, they love reveling in the land o' meat. 

B+R belongs to my partner and I. 
It's a terrine filled with meat, and some meat and 
some more meat, and a few slivers of black truffle. 
We haven't seen these since Wednesday.

But I can't help thinking something is going on here, I think they have something up their sleeve. We prepare something, it's cooked and whisked away! We cook something, turn around, and it's whisked away! For three days our products have been hidden away. 

I suspect, they want to knock our socks off. 

Bits and pieces drying after blanching and par-cooking. 
This week has been all about organising the picky little details. 
Talk about separating the Type A's from the Type B's. 
Salmon stuffed with salmon mousse, spinach 
and smoked scallops. 
This is ready for poaching and the only
 thing I'll be able to eat tomorrow! 
This, along with a few others, 
disappeared in the afternoon.

Starting to stuff my cornish game hen....

Finished! Stuffed with layers of spinach, duck mousse, 
and carrot and celery julienne. (Sorry! Fingers too gooey to take photos!)
This eventually got poached and whisked away.

So there's all this talk about "Friday". "Bring your camera on Friday!" "You'll see on friday!" Mysteriously, Friday's lesson plan is left almost blank. Only the names of the dishes have been listed. No notes or recipes. Highly unusual. 

So tune in tomorrow! My camera batteries will be freshly recharged, I might even take my good camera! And we'll see what all the fuss is about....

We did complete two dishes though. 

Tarte Tatin - look at that golden sheen!  Gold medals for team B+R!

Chef C's favorite cooking apples in order of preference,
1. Gala
2. Granny Smith
3. Spartan
Steaming hot tortiere, I couldn't eat this as it was laden 
with duck and chicken products.

But this wasn't!


  1. You mean I've got to wait until tomorrow? : P

  2. Thanks for the list of apples! I never know what to use... and didn't think Gala would be a good cooking apple actually. I am craving something low fat.

  3. Those are Galas in the Tart Tatin, they really held their shape well. So they're the best if you want them to hold. If you want them to fall apart - red delicious.

    Mel: Friday is the big unveiling for the Mehrer Sisters! I'l be checking creative Caravan tonight for your results, don't let me down!