Friday, January 8, 2010

Turkey VS California

I once heard that bay leaves from California will make everything you cook taste like Vick's Vapo-rub, and that you should only get bay leaves from Turkey.

So what happens when you are asked to make consommé on the weekend, you're on a tight budget, and the store carries two types of bay leaves - California at $3.49 a bag or Turkish at $5.99 a bag?

You splurge on the Turkish ones! I still love ya, Turkey! (But I wish I'd "trimmed" those bushes down by the football field!)


  1. Ha! Well Vick's Vapo-rub flavour doesn't sound appealing. I've always wondered - do bay leaves actually do something? And what about coriander - does it really have a flavour?
    I hope you get to make bread at some point. I need some pointers. :-)

  2. Bread is tomorrow!

    Bay leaf does have a flavour, although it's subtle. If you tastes 2 soups side by side, one with and one without - you'll taste the difference.

    Coriander, one of my fave spices, has tons of flavour! Especially if you toast it first.

  3. Toast it! I never thought of that.
    I'll have to try the bay leaf taste test.