Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not really a good night

In the last hour of class I started to feel bad. I thought the headache might be from all the smoke generated by the fans today, or maybe I shouldn't have tested the chicken-based soups.

But by the time I got home I was cold and shivering. I think the cold damp of Vancouver is getting to me. It's ALWAYS raining. Always. Don't leave without an umbrella because it's GOING TO rain. That's a promise.

I got home wrote the last update and crawled into bed with all my clothes on - still shivering. My phone rang an hour later, it was mom checking up on what things I needed. After the call I realised, I was still shivering.

Into the hottest shower I could stand. For a long time. BLISS. I got out, dried off and got myself into my socks long sleeved sweatshirt, flannel pajama pants mom gave me for Christmas and my socks from Turkey. Oh and a hat. I am a sight to see. But I'm warming up!

As I tried to get through Chapter 34 in my reading, (60 pages!), I heard a little noise from my Chinese room mate's room. It took a minute for me to realise she was sobbing.

I felt so bad for her, but I have to say my room mates are not the friendliest people. They don't chit chat, they don't socialise, they even seem to go way out of their way to avoid each other. I wish it were different, I have no idea why she was crying, but I like to think I might have understood her better than the average room mate.

Good night - going to bed early!


  1. Are you sure you don't have the flu?

  2. I didn't sob last night, but I had every bloody right to. R.I.P Macbook... Hope you feel better! XXMelanie