Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 12: Tools

Today I took lots of pictures of what I made and did and then forgot my camera at school. So I'm going to write about tools, cause I've been thinking about them a lot lately.

When I worked in the art store waaaaaay back in my 20's, I really learned about tools. That the right brush could give you exactly the right line without effort. Well, the same principle applies in the kitchen.

Our number one tool is our knife, and we've devoted a lot of time learning to feel really comfortable cutting all sorts of items at high speed with it. We've sharpened our own knives and put our own edge on them. Mine already feels personal.

Mine isn't quite as sexy as this one, but I love it all the same!

My next, and new fave tool which is never more than arm's length away, is my pastry scraper. It lifts up all my knife cuts and puts them in a bowl or stir fry in one second, then it cleans my whole board. It saves my baguette dough from sticking to the cutting board forever, and can even transport delicate items from the cutting board to the plate. I won't be able to survive without this tool in my kitchen from now on!

We are far more business-like when zesting our lemons.
The chefs would not approve of this willy-nilly zesting approach.
Straight lines only. Top to bottom.

The other tool I'm growing to love, (partly because of my love for anything lemon), is my citrus zester. It came in my toolkit and so far it's turning out to be a star! It takes little ridges of zest off lemons and oranges, and then you can chop the ridges up even finer from there. Any day we're going to zest a lemon is a good day! (Plus I like the look of the lemon when it's all ridged up.)

So, as a little teaser I'll tell you what I did today. I de-boned a whole chicken! (And as I wrote that I'm kicking myself, why didn't I save the wish bone?? Just thought of it now!)

Pictures and gory details tomorrow!

PS - Just some additional thoughts about NOT having the right tools. I made quiche tonight, but I accidently bought whole wheat flour instead of white, (how flaky is my pastry going to be? Not at all!) I have no rolling pin, but found a bottle of balsamic vinegar did the trick, and there's no slotted spoon in this kitchen, no worries, I used a paddle cheese-grater my mom sent me.

*Sigh* back to dreaming about the right tools for the job....


  1. Tools are important! Soon you'll be rich and famous and you'll get all the tools you'll need. By the way, there is a niche for themed divorce cakes. Remember that when you are decorating cakes in Pastry!!!

  2. It has taken me a long time to understand the importance of having the right tool. Imagine my excitement when I got an actual pastry cutter. Now I want one of those citrus zesters.