Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 11: Monday.

Photo from the weekend - Look! No rain!

The start of a new week! Clean slate!

I arrived on the floor early, just in case any surprises were flung our way, but the chefs were merciful and let us find our new station and partner. I cook with a new partner every week. We find ways to split the workload and responsibilities. We ask each other for advice and generally work as a team. My partner and I share our stove with another pair, making us a station of four people.

Strangely enough, my new station this week includes 3 of the four people who were at our station this week.

Lots of good products today including a fantastic quiche, some more baguettes and a lemon tart we'll finish tomorrow.

A Few Things About Knives

So, before this class I didn't know a thing about knives. But I've learned. In fact, today I sharpened my knife on my stone for the first time. (Woo hoo!)

So we had a lecture by a chef who's serious about knives. A few interesting facts.
  • Henckel Knives are world famous for their knives, but did you know many serious chefs won't use them? Their bolster makes it difficult to sharpen the last inch near the handle and so sharpening will actually warp the knife and leave a gap between the blade and the cutting board!
  • Japanese knives don't have a bolster, and therefore are easier to sharpen and maintain, hence they are becoming more popular in the world of fine dining.
  • You can wear your blade down several centimeters from years of use and sharpening.
  • Most knives are sharpened 50/50, meaning equally on each side, but some knives have a blades which are sharpened 30/70 for cutting fillets of fish! For these knives you have to specify if you are right or left handed!
So after our lecture, I came home a went to cut up an apple. I looked at the knife we have in the drawer. Global. Highly recommended brand!


  1. The keener isn't you? Lol. Oh well. It's good for you to align yourself with a keener. ; )

  2. Are you kidding? I'm trying to distance myself! I never kiss-ass. Besides I'm too old for it.

  3. Do they say that knives shouldn't touch metal? Do you have other recommended brands?

  4. Not that they shouldn't touch metal, but they shouldn't be put directly in the sink or dishwasher, they shouldn't be knocking around in a drawer without a cover, as the metal on metal action will dull them quickly.

    As for brands, F. Dick and Global were mentioned, but mostly he said anything made of stainless steel, (won't rust) and a softer metal with no bolster, (easy to sharpen and maintain) were good. He said Ming Wo actually carries some good knives.

  5. I think when you become a mature student you tend to try to get what you pay for in terms of education. You do your homework, you make sure you are on top of things. When I said keener I meant in terms of being a top student, not an ass kisser. ; )

  6. I never knew that about the knives!! Great tips!