Sunday, June 29, 2008

Two Buildings, Three Pictures

On the way home from Greece I crossed the Bosphorus from Harem to Eminonu just after sunrise. Here is a picture I took of Kiz Kulesi, (Princess or Girl's Tower). I'm quite proud of this one. That's part of the business district of Istanbul in the background.

And, (in my opinion) the most under-rated building in Istanbul, the Sirkeci Train Station--built specifically to wow visitors arriving on the famed Orient Express. I think this building might be my favorite in the city. The Orient Express only pulls into this station once a year now, (usually in the spring), but crowds of people go down to welcome it.

Unfortunately, these days the old interurban train runs from this station. Instead of glamourous intercontinental travelers, the train is filled with gypsies and low income Istanbulites, (and sometimes curious Canadians).

Old men and young boys go from car to car selling cheap super glue, pens and plastic toys. Mel and I got a little plastic devices that juice lemons once. They really work wonders.

Sometimes the doors don't close properly. The windows get jammed open in the winter and jammed closed in the summer, but the route it takes along the seaside is beautiful.

All trains heading to Europe also leave from this station.

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