Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Morning!

I've been thinking about doing this for so long now. My sister already writes an entertaining and informative blog here.  Since Mel started blogging, I've been asked countless times, by countless people when I'm going to start. Although I know it's a good idea, and I really enjoy Mel's blog, I have been hesitant to commit to writing the boring details of my life. 

But then I started thinking.. 
  1. I take heaps of pics every week and no one sees them. 
  2. There are loads of interesting people around with engaging stories that no one hears about. 
  3. I live in an often misunderstood part of the world. 
So just to see how this works here are 2 pics of local markets. The first is the Beyazit book bazaar, located just outside the Grand Bazaar. Besides books, vendors also like to sell prints and miniature paintings. On fridays here is a big rummage sale out back of this bazaar that I rarely get to go to. There is a guy in the far back corner who sells all sorts of new and used, hard to find ESL texts, and he loves to see me coming! 

The second is our local produce market held every wednesday behind the Blue Mosque. Excellent local produce from throughout the country is brought in. If it's in season, it's here first! 

So, here I go! Please grant me patience and tolerance while I get the hang of this!

Now where is my coffee...

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  1. Waaaaah! So glad you started blogging! Can I be your first fan???
    Love to see your pics, even if I have been to visit you several times. Keep it up, Sis!