Friday, June 27, 2008

Free Stuff!

A few weeks ago, the security guard taking care of the building behind us asked if we wanted any free desks. The building was a restaurant and office space, but it's going to be converted into an emergency clinic. We didn't take any of the huge desks he was giving away but we got 2 cupboards!

Check out our new white TV cupboard! (The other one is in the bedroom.) 

Ok, so the REALLY ironic thing is that as I look at this picture, I can honestly say that besides my computer, and the blue cover on the sofa, everything in this picture was given to us or acquired for free. The carpets, the sofa, the tables, the TV and all the plants. Even the throw cushions! 

Now I feel CHEAP!! I guess I still have some rummage left in me.

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