Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Teahouse Fox Visited by Ghosts!

If you have igoogle as your homepage you already know you can choose your own theme. I'm loyal to my teahouse fox, (except in December, when I switch for the month to the Christmas Village.)

Why the teahouse fox? Because he wakes up in the morning when I do, and  through the day he keeps himself busy, picking oranges, feeding the birds, washing the laundry in the lake. A night he gazes at the stars before putting out a plate of persimmons and lighting 3 sticks of incense. Then he snuggles under his blanket and goes to sleep.

But during the night something happens, I've noticed every morning that the persimmons disappear and the incense goes out. What's going on? I found out last week.  

Ghosts come.

Apparently they come for only one minute, and since my igoogle refuses to move off Istanbul time, my little teahouse fox's schedule is upside down, so at 5:15 in the afternoon the ghosts crossed the lake of fire, took his persimmons and put out his incense. 

Mystery solved!

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