Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Morning Walk through Naramata

Every morning my sister takes the dog for a walk. Now that I'm back in Naramata, I often join her. Here are some pictures I took last week along the route. 

Lilacs have come early this year, usually there are buckets
 full for May Day, on May 24th long weekend, but this year 
it looks like they'll all be gone by then.

Looking across the lake to Summerland

Wine boxes

Symbols of the past. 
These big red fruit bins were everywhere when I was a kid. 
These days you see them less and less as vineyards replace orchards.

The Heritage Inn, just down the street. 
Today the Inn houses a restaurant, hotel and spa, 
but in the past it was a girl's school and when I was a 
kid, the private residence of Mr. Robinson, 
one of Naramata's founders. My Grandma used to 
be Mr. Robinson's housekeeper, so I remember 
exploring the old rooms as a kid. 

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  1. how stunning......and the air "looks" clean; mmmmm.....jealous! x