Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Pictures

Welcome to the dreary days of January! They aren't really that dreary. At least not for me, I like cloudy days and my sister is here! At last! Here are a few pictures from the last month!

Above is Mel taking pictures at the Archeology Museum. I've labeled it "Mel and Medusa".

This man is set up near Gulhane park. In the past he's always had 2 or 3 rabbits, but lately he's added a chicken. He uses these animals for fortune telling, believe it or not. You pay him a few lira, and the rabbit or chicken chooses a put of paper randomly from a tray of fortunes. 

And lastly, from the nargile cafe in Beyazit. The top picture are the pots of coals being prepared for the pipes, and the bottom one the pipe. What you can't see is that on the other end of the pipe is my Egyptian friend Omar from Cairo, in town on a business trip for a few days! I hadn't seen him in 4 years...


  1. Good stuff, Rene! I like the story of the fortune telling animals. Did you get your fortune done? Hi to your sis.

  2. Actually I haven't. He makes a lot of money off of Asian tourists who love it, but I feel bad for the little bunnies who are out there in all sorts of extreme weather.

  3. Oh that's too bad. I pictured them as living the life of leisure.