Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Most Prized Possessions

One of my projects while i was a t home was to locate my travel journals and scan them into my computer for safe keeping. Honestly, I didn't get all of them, (India, Egypt and Arizona still have to be done) but I got a large part of them scanned. Here's a glimpse of a page or two from the few that i did get uploaded....


...and Spain!

and Taiwan in Spain! I was in Madrid during the big 9.21 earthquake, this newspaper is how I learned of the news.


and more Thailand!

Bali - my first time across the equator

The lost and reworked book of Cambodia - I lost my original book in the Hong Kong airport on the way home. I made another journal with extra post cards stamps and in-flight magazines gleaned from friends and fellow teachers.

Cambodia again!

Turkiye!! (my second time through)

....and Turkey again. Documenting my love affair with this city!

Now that I'm looking at these, I realize one of my favorite books, which includes my favorite page is missing. It's the King of Jordan summarizing our trip so far through his country in a postcard home to my parents. (Not really!) 

Absolutely my most prized possessions!

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  1. Now I'm going to have to go through my journals and copy my best pages as well! Maybe that will be my project this weekend. I get excited when I see your journals because they are just a tad bit different than mine but a different perspective on the same memories!