Thursday, September 4, 2008

From the Air

I like taking pictures out the windows of airplanes. I have started a collection of them ever since I missed the mother-of-all-out-the-window-of- an-airplane pictures - I passed over "The World" when leaving Dubai with no batteries in my camera. 

Never again!

So here are some pics I took on the way home from the Okanagan to Istanbul via Vancouver and Amsterdam. I had a middle seat from Vancouver to Amsterdam so no good pics of Greenland, (sorry!) but there are some of the ones I did get. 

Above is Kelowna and it's brand new floating bridge!

Okanagan Lake looking north towards Vernon. I love the feeling you get of looking down the valley.

This was taken about 10 minutes after takeoff, heading west. As you can see from the rusty red, the trees that haven't already been logged are being heavily infected with the dreaded Pine Beetle. 

Vancouver! We passed over the downtown area, then made a huge sweeping U-turn to land at YVR.
This picture was taken out the window at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Too tired to drag my body into the city a second time. Jet lag is MUCH worse heading east than it is heading west. 

Below, the sunset about 5 minutes after take-off from Amsterdam. Not much mystery as to what crappy airline I was flying!!  (To their credit, I was pleasantly surprised -- they were much better than when I flew them 13 years ago!) 

Too dark coming into Istanbul to capture any images... maybe next time!

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  1. Thse are great photos. I have never been successful at taking pictures out the window, but I'm gonna start now!

    By the way, When I leave this place I will probably fly out from Dubai. If I can, I will take a picture of the world for you. If my finger doesn't get in the way.