Monday, July 28, 2008

The Little Mustache Men!

When we first moved into our apartment, we had nothing. In Turkey, when you move into a rented space, you get 4 walls, a ceiling and the floor, (if you're lucky!)

When Turks vacate an apartment they leave nothing behind! It looks like the Grinch came to visit!

The light fixtures disappear - leaving only a hole with 2 little wires. No fridge or stove in the kitchen. The toilet seat is missing. They even rip up the wall to wall carpeting! Friends recall apartments where even all the light switch and electrical socket plates had been taken out! (I'm sure if they could suck all the air out of the place as they left - they'd do it!)

So Bulent put a call out to his FIVE sisters for any furniture, appliances and/or "stuff" they didn't want. The sisters swooped in and outfitted most of our apartment. Sofas, chairs, tables, a TV, carpets, curtains and kitchen utensils arrived everyday for a week. Two of the sisters got into a "giving war" to see who could be more generous - which we shamelessly milked!

In the bottom of the box of kitchen utensils from "Bursa Sister" I found these two kitschy little salt and pepper shakers. They are my favorite items that arrived that week. I don't really know why I like them, maybe cause they make me laugh - they have the stereotypical Turkish mustache and thick eyebrows, and they're so rolly-polly!

I used to call them the Saddam shakers, but that was before he was found in a hole in the ground. Nothing cute or funny about that. So now they're the "little mustache men" shakers.

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