Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Morning KCA

Friday morning in KCA is like Sunday morning everywhere else - people sleep in, have big breakfasts with their families, get ready to go to Friday Prayer and generally take it easy. Traffic is non-existent, so it's a good time to take the bike out for a spin.

Our immediate area in KCA is pretty much a massive construction zone at the moment. This pic was taken from the roof of our villa. As you can see everything is in some stage of going up.

The fine sand that's everywhere. 

At the end of our street is a lot used for storing all the machinery used on various 
construction sites in the vicinity. When I come home from work in the afternoon, 
the drivers are usually napping in the shadows of these machines.   

Today's destination! Khalifa City Market! 
This place has almost anything you need, and plenty you don't need. 

Someday, as a grand experiment I'm going to dump some post cards in here 
and see if they ever get delivered. 
Send me your address if you're interested!


The "Pink Shops" aka "Funkytown" usually I ride a little further afield but 
the sun was already blazing at 9am, time to pedal back home!


  1. Wow, when I first got there, there weren't too many villas around Arak, and Funky Town only had a few shops open, Kalifa Market being the only grocery story at first. Still growing. Now Arthur's "Bowls" field is all gone! And where will the workers play cricket?

  2. Today Arthur's Bowls had a lot of action, they dug huge, deep trenches all over the lot. I should do a "weekly progress photo"!

    The workers play cricket behind Funkytown next to the mosque. It's "the" place to be right before sundown!

    And... are you sitting down? The POST OFFICE is open! Yes that big empty building now has a bank, post office and soon, (wild rumor alert!) a small food court!

  3. Jaysus. It's up and coming! Again, I should dig out the first pics of Khalifa City. I wish now I'd taken more pics when Josh and I went there the first time. It was a giant field of nothing as far as you could see.