Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome To Our Villa!

Hello! And welcome to our fabulous villa! This time around, we live on the exotically named 27th street in Al Towayya District. We have now lived in all 3 of ADU's villa locations. In our opinion, this one is the best. 

This villa differs from the others we've been in as it's a bit of a sprawling one story, (as opposed to two and even three story villas elsewhere). It also only houses 4 people at once instead of 7, which means 3 less people to annoy and be annoyed by. We also like this villa for it's nifty location, which is just a few round-a-bouts from our fave mall, Al Jimi and 8 minutes to school. Oh! And of course, ease of taxi procurement!

This sign is smack outside our villa.

As with tradition, our villas have always had one dead tree out front, this one is no exception.

Look at the gorgeous dates growing over the carport wall! They aren't ready yet, but to be honest, we've nearly had our fill of these, even though they are absolutely delish!

Thick curtains to block out the summer heat? - check!
Beige Marble floor? - check!
Beige furniture? - check !
Beige walls? - check!
Dusty Christmas tree leftover from last year? - check!
Yes! It's got all the markings of an ADU villa!

Large kitchen where we do all our socializing. 
Two villa-mates kicking back after school.

Inner sanctum. 
We could go out there if it weren't a scorching 48 degrees.

My room, devoid of decoration. 
The alcove leads to my bathroom and the Great Wall-of-Closets.

The best part of the villa! 
Our own private bathroom equipped with a bidet AND squirty hose!
How does one live without them?

And this guy. He wakes me up around sunrise with his screeching.
No matter how far you go, some things stay the same...

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