Friday, May 15, 2009

Prints, Paintings and Pizza!

About a month ago, Mel and I had discussed having a little weekend gathering of friends at the local "Family Pizza Pie Place" here in Sultanahmet. The idea was that we could show some of our art to people who were interested, and also give the Family Pizza Pie Place some much-deserved publicity.

Well our "little weekend gathering of friends" just keeps getting bigger!

We had a photographer out from Today's Zaman newspaper yesterday, and Turkish Daily News plans to do a story. Here we are in the weekly MyMerhaba  newsletter and we'll also be in Pukka Living this week. The Family Pizza Pie Place owner, Virginia, also plans to get someone to review the show for a newspaper. All this for a two-day show!

So, if you happen to be free that weekend and want to come over to our neck of the woods and hang out among the mosques and Tulips and eat a little pizza - please do! 

Look forward to seeing you! 


  1. I'll certainly be attending!@ Wouldn't miss it for the world! ; )

  2. I wish we could have popped over and hung out!