Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spreading the Love Around

I rarely win things, but I commented on one of my fave blogs last week, a South African designer, Heather Moore at Skinny Laminx. She let me know this week that I've won some cool new cards she's just had printed up! Woo Hoo! 

She also gave me a Kreativ Blogger Award. (Thanks Heather!) This award requires that I list 7 things I love and pass it along to 7 bloggers I like. 

So, here goes my list.


1. Coffee - with milk, in the morning. Ahhhhhh!

2. Flowers - Tripping around Sultanahmet this morning, we visited all the flowers are coming into bloom. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinth and an amazing new flower I haven't identified yet, but love. (More on that to come!) 

3. Our new apartment - It's small, it's (still) pink, but it's ours. Just us. It's perfect.

4. The view of Sultanahmet from Ataturk Bridge - Someday I will photograph that view. Promise!

5. My creative talent - I get more pleasure from creating things than I can put into words. I'm very grateful for this gift.

6. My sister - Ok my sister is not a thing, but I love her to bits regardless!

7. The direction my life is going - Recent changes in my life have given me a freedom that I've been missing for awhile. I've made new friends, taken control of my life and the future is bright. I haven't made concrete decisions about my direction yet, but it's definitely up!

Now to pass on... 

Heather awarded 4 people, so I'm going to do the same. 

Here are my 4 deserving people!

Kate - Longtime friend and flower enthusiast! Check out her flower-filled blog!
Brian - Living a very cool life post-Taiwan, his blog shows that Michigan is actually cool!
My mom - My mom makes stockings for Christmas and you can see them here.
Mel - Simply an excellently written blog!


  1. I am honoured to be in such good company!

    Who knew that your Mom makes Christmas stockings? What a nice job she does too. I have a few sewing projects around here if she's interested. :-)

    I don't know four other bloggers let alone seven (other than some of you here) so what am I to do?

    One thing I love is your Easter egg picture. Did you design the eggs yourself? If so, did you use some special Turkish dye?

    Happy Easter!

  2. Haha! Nothing special about those eggs! I used food colouring I brought back from Canada, and some Crayola wax crayons!

    No problem if you don't know 7 people. Just list your fave things and have a good easter!

  3. Really?! My eggs never turned out that vivid, but it has been a while. We used to do some with onion skins.

  4. I love you too Nae! And thanks for the blog kudos!

  5. Sultanahmet is my dream destination.
    I like this.